Dairymaster @ Dairytech 2018



 Pictured last week L2R on a busy Dairymaster stand at the well-attended Dairytech show at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry were Grace Sweetman,

Niall O’Hanlon, MooMonitor + Sales Executive with Jamie Coughlan, Grasstec, Gearoid Kenny, Herdwatch and Mary Mulvihill, Dairymaster Marketing Dept 

Busy Dairymaster stand at RABDF Dairy Tech Event

Dairymaster stood out from the crowd with a large stand in Stoneleigh Park near Coventry on February 7th.

This innovative firm and market leader were showcasing the latest in new user-friendly milking and dairy equipment technology.

Of particular interest to busy dairy farmers was the MooMonitor+, a herd health and fertility monitoring system,

the Swiftflo Revolver Rotary milking parlour and the award-winning Swiftflo Commander.

The MooMonitor+ App is the newest stage in the evolution of Dairymaster’s ground-breaking MooMonitor+ health and fertility monitoring system.

This App works in tandem with the MooMonitor+ collar, and no matter how big the producer’s herd is

this App has the power to identify animals that need their attention, anytime, anywhere.

The visual picture of their herd allows them to easily identify cows when they are in heat, ill or simply not thriving.

When the system detects sick cows it will send an immediate notification direct to the farmer’s smartphone allowing them to intervene sooner. 

Veterinarians or AI technicians can have access to farms and can even monitor several farms on their mobile.

Most customers say that they recover its cost within two years so it’s a great investment for any dairy farmer.

A DairyCo report published has revealed that choosing a rotary parlour as opposed to automatic milking systems (AMS)

can have as much as 5.7 pence per litre difference.

Take a farm with a herd of 200 cows with an average yield of 9,000 litres – this can make a difference of £102,600 in margin alone.

It also showed the rotary parlour is the most labour efficient system, saving 11 hours per cow per year.

Dairymaster’s Swiftflo revolver rotary continues to be leading the market in terms of innovation and

the best has just got better by introducing Dairymaster Rotaglide.

Rotaglide is an advanced rotary platform table roller system, which carries rotary equipment and

facilitates the smooth rotating movement of the plant during milking with minimal energy consumption. 

The Dairymaster Rotaglide wheels carry several tonne at a time.

The dynamic load bearing system evenly distributes the load regardless of the weight on the platform, similar to the suspension system in a car.

The benefits are less maintenance, lower energy costs driving the platform and better reliability.

The Swiftflo Commander is the new brain of the milking parlour, controlling everything to do with milking, feeding and animal health.

It displays important information such as milk yield, milking time, somatic cell count data on each cow and much more.

One touch allows the farmer to control feed effortlessly at each milking unit,

it can also display if your cow is in heat and draft that cow with a single touch for AI or further inspection.

It also indicates freshly calved cows that enter the parlour and allows colostrum to be diverted.

It uses speech technology to inform farmers of information at a time when they can react to it.

The Dairymaster range of dairy equipment along with their herd health and fertility software

has won numerous awards at major Agri shows in  Britain, Ireland, EU and worldwide.

 The SwiftfloCommander has won “Overall Product Innovation Award” at the Farm Business Cream Awards.

Editor’s Note

The Dairy-Tech event is organised by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF)

and is tailored for the new generation of dairy farmer, manager and technician:

This new event will be introducing a fresh range of innovative products and services,

and pioneering new global concepts in management efficiency.

More info at the website www.dairy-tech.uk

Dairymaster is a world market leader for dairy equipment with customers

in more than 40 countries worldwide, including Britain, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.