Photography Assignments

According to Confucius the famous Chinese philosopher a picture speaks a thousand words. This is particularly true today as many people are often too busy to read a newspaper or magazine.

They may glance only at the headlines however a good photo with an appropriate caption will attract their attention and could be discussed for days.We have an excellent panel of experienced photographers who have worked with us in Ireland and Britain over the last 10 years.

You can see some of these photos on our website and we will be pleased to show you many more which have been used in various publications, Newsletters and on websites.

Having suitable images on file can be an excellent investment so why not allocate some of your marketing for this essential activity.

We can book a professional photographer from our nationwide panel and work with you to optimise the potential publicity from your conference/seminar, opening of a new premises, product/service launch etc.

Remember file photos can be used to good effect over  time using various PR angles in a variety of  Newsletters, print publications,  on line media and websites.

 Advice on Photography.

Pictures can tell a story far better than words and photography is an essential element in good PR. However professional photographers can be expensive so to ensure best value make sure you provide a detailed brief and be properly prepared yourself.

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Some Other Considerations.

When you book a photographer, you pay for their time, expenses, the contact sheets and the cost of distributing pictures to papers. However If you plan to use certain photos on a regular basis, then you must also pay for the usage of those pictures.

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