Major Innovations Launched by Dairymaster at Ploughing Championship

Dairymaster will be at stand no. 93 in Block 2 on Row 4 showcasing the latest in dairy equipment and milking technology. For the first time, Dairymaster has introduced artificial intelligence to rotary milking systems and their Mission Control system- shortlisted for an award will be on display at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena on stand no. 273

The equipment and solutions on display on stand no. 93 will include products from all categories including: Milking, Feeding, Cooling, Scrapers and Herd Health and Fertility Monitoring systems. However, the main focus for Dairymaster at the Ploughing is around milking systems both upgrades and new installations of Rotary parlours, Swing parlours and Fast Exit parlours.

This year has seen an increasing range of dairy equipment installed on Irish dairy herds.  In particular, Rapid Exit and Rotary Parlours have been very popular with milk producers as these parlours milk more cows in less time using less labour.


2 Dairymaster rotary parlour

In Britain, a published DairyCo report has revealed that choosing a rotary parlour as opposed to automatic milking systems (AMS) can save as much as 7.8c/Litre. So, for an Irish dairy farm with a herd of 200 cows -average yield of 6,000L, this can make a difference of €93,600 in gross margin alone.

As herds are increasing in size, the need for efficiency in milking has grown even more important. For farmers who want to go the automation route, Dairymaster’s intelligent technology boosts efficiency by controlling all functions from milking to feeding to drafting and seamlessly integrates with its MooMonitor+ health and fertility monitoring system.

Other new products on display include the CleanSweep Rope Scraper, Swiftflo Pivot Bailing, the energy-saving VSaver system and Chlorine-free detergents.

The CleanSweep Rope Scraper gives the dairy farmer fast and effective cleaning. It is easy to install, has variable running speeds, low running costs and is suitable for slatted or extra-long passages.

The Swiftflo pivot bailing is adjustable to suit all cow types with seamless cow exiting and the option of parallel. It is long life as it has heavy-duty modular construction.  When milking is complete the bailing system lifts clear of the cows ensuring they have the optimum amount of space in order to make a rapid exit.

 The Dairymaster VSaver rapidly optimises pump speed according to air demand for the parlour. As a result, motors use less current during normal operation. Typically there is 50-80% less energy consumption.

The Dairymaster team on the stand available to advise milk producers will include the CEO, Professor Edmond Harty, John Harty, Dr John Daly, Pat Ryan, Niall O’ Hanlon and other dairy and product specialists. For more information, please contact;

Lisa Herlihy, Marketing Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +353 87 9529291

Mary Mulvihill, Marketing Executive, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +353 87 9328832

Editor’s Note

Dairymaster has customers in more than 40 countries, including Britain, Germany, New Zealand Russia, Japan etc. Their range of products has received multiple awards in many markets worldwide. You can check out some of these at Dairymaster has also filed for over 100 patents to date!

Dairymaster now employs over 300 people at their 11-acre manufacturing facility in Causeway, Co. Kerry and are internationally recognised as a leader in dairy equipment manufacturing. Their global HQ is in Ireland and they also have offices in Britain, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands.

The MooMonitor+ is a health and fertility monitoring system which detects cows in heat and monitors the resting, feeding, rumination, head position and restlessness of each animal 24x7. This is the first system validated in both indoor and outdoor scenarios respectively by two independent research centres for both rumination and feeding.

This research was undertaken on an indoor herd at Kentucky State University and published in the Journal of Dairy Science. The other study took place on a grazing herd at Teagasc, Moorepark and was published in the International Journal of Animal Bioscience.

Indeed, the MooMonitor system has already been proven to be the most accurate heat detection system in the world based on trials carried out by Kansas State University that were published in the Journal of Dairy Science.