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Cool Technology Save €Millions

Dairymaster SwiftCool App 2


Dairymaster Cooling Technology Can Save Industry €171m…

The SwiftCool technology was developed with a focus on energy efficiency and ease of use. If every dairy farm in the Ireland was to install a SwiftCool system, energy savings alone have the potential to save the industry €171m over the next 10 years. At farm level, typical savings over the expected lifetime of the equipment would be in excess of €40,000 for a 100 cow herd.

Dairymaster have just launched another significant development and for the first time ever farmers can remotely control and monitor their milk tank in real time from anywhere in the world with the SwiftCool App.

If the milk tank is your bank, then the new Dairymaster SwiftCool App is your internet banking. All information related to the tank can be viewed at a glance on the intuitive dashboard screen. It records a full history of temperature, wash cycles, collection cycles, temperature washing and much more. It gives the farmer the power to ensure that milk is in the best possible condition before it leaves the yard.

The two-way functionality allows commands to be sent to the tank and the farmer can receive updates and alerts. It gives control and peace of mind to the farmer that thousands of litres of valuable milk is being stored safely. Dairymaster are the only manufacturer to provide this information to the farmer via an App.

This SwiftCool technology will have a direct benefit on the sustainability of Irish dairy farms and of the industry. With the SwiftCool technology and smartphone App milk is always in safe hands!