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Embrace FARM has many options to support you in finding your way through sudden loss

Embrace FARM, a support network for farm families bereaved by sudden & unexpected death, or who have survived farm accidents has today launched their autumn schedule of supports.

Sometimes being around people who have experienced sudden loss like you have brings relief that you no longer have to describe how you feel.

Over the past 8 years Embrace FARM has met many farm families who have experienced such tragic loss, farm families who have to try to adjust to rebuilding their lives after such trauma. Embrace FARM is the place where you will find support, friendship and understanding. Group Supports

Some of the people Embrace FARM meet are women at all stages of their lives with young families or grown-up adult children. They have lost their partner in life suddenly and now have to take on their partner’s role as a farmer. This brings many questions, decisions to be made and uncertainly for the future sometimes, while also attempting to nurture their children’s grief.

Embrace FARM also meet parents who have tragically and suddenly lost their child, an unimaginable grief that goes against the natural order of life that no words can attempt to describe. Embrace FARM meet adults at all stages in their lives coming to terms with the sudden death of their sibling, parent, grandparent.

Sometimes that close friend and neighbour is a huge loss to not just their own family but also their community in which they have so generously been involved in. Embrace FARM also meets survivors of farm accidents who once they are through the long road of medical rehabilitation then have to figure out how to move forward in a new way.

This autumn, Embrace FARM has a number of options to support farm families.

• Meeting people who have been through what you have in a supportive group online or in person

When trying to navigate your way through sudden loss you must spend time looking after yourself. You can experience such a range of emotions that sometimes it can be helpful to meet with a group of likeminded people on that same journey.

Embrace FARM has three different groups running this autumn (1) Self Care & Wellness (2) Art Therapy (no experience needed) and (3) Online Tea & Chat

• One to One support through our new Encircle program allows Embrace FARM to provide you with individual supports that you may need right now.
Embrace FARMs Encircle program involves a tailored approach to you. Encircle provides emotional support through 1:1 counselling, and professional mentoring with Farm Business, Legal, Financial and Succession planning information to support individuals in the aftermath of a sudden trauma on farm.

As each farm families’ circumstances are different, Embrace FARM will support you in whatever way you feel you need. To find out more information about Embrace FARMs supports email info@embracefarm.com or call 057-8510555 / 085–7709966.

Just call us and have a chat and we’ll figure out a way forward together.

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