Silotite Celebrating 40 years of Success in Balewrapping

Silotite Celebrating 40 years of Success in Balewrapping

Silotite Celebrating 40 years of Success in Balewrapping

Berry Global’s Silotite® brand is marking four decades of pioneering advancements in agricultural bale wrapping, highlighting its legacy of innovation, reliability, and steadfast commitment to continuous product development for the agricultural sector.

The introduction of Silotite to the British & Irish market helped revolutionise bale wrapping, paving the way for significant investments in state-of-the-art multi-layer and advanced extrusion technologies. These advancements at Berry’s facilities in Britain and Belgium, represent a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bale wrap technology. The recent unveiling of Berry’s SilotitePro 1800 Sustane film, featuring a lighter weight and incorporating 25% post-consumer recycled content, embodies a leap forward in sustainable agri films.

Other notable introductions like Baletite®, SilotitePro, and innovations in sleeve packaging reflect Berry’s responsiveness to the evolving needs of the agri industry and demonstrates their proactive approach to improving silage protection solutions that aim to support farmers and contractors in their environmental responsibilities.

The brand’s dedication to continuous and collaborative innovation is at the heart of Silotite’s success. By engaging directly with the farming community and working closely with key research establishments to undertake commercial scale trials, Berry ensures that its product developments are both scientifically grounded and closely aligned with the sector’s needs.

Reflecting on the brand’s significant influence, Lloyd Dawson, Sales Director for UK, Ireland, Pacific, and Asia at Silotite said “We remain committed to providing farmers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, promote sustainability, and contribute to their success.”

Today, Silotite’s market leading range of balewrap films continue to be used worldwide to preserve a variety of winter forages including grass, maize, sugar beet pulp, clovers, alfalfa, and legumes, protecting these vital foodstuffs from climatic conditions.

Berry Global is a leading plastic recycler and converter in Europe, with the scope and expertise to recycle up to 100,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year. The reprocessing capabilities include LDPE, LLDPE & HDPE – specialising in pre-consumer and post-consumer polythene from commercial, industrial, retail and agricultural sources.

Every tonne of polythene recycled saves 1.8 tonnes of crude oil, reduces energy usage by two thirds, entails 90% less water and cuts Sulphur dioxide emissions by 33%. Useful products manufactured from recycled balewrap include agricultural slats, farm fencing, garden furniture etc.

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