Monaghan Firm Helps the Wicklow Wolf

The Wicklow Wolf

Monaghan Firm Helps the Wicklow Wolf

Wicklow Wolf brewery was established in 2014 by two friends Quincey Fennelly and Simon Lynch in the back of a small, old bakery in Bray, Co. Wicklow. In 2019 they invested in a new state of the art brewery in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow. Their mission is to brew exceptional beers without compromise and with true passion. Independently brewed, locally rooted and at one with nature, they brew a wide range of beers in a sustainable way.

The Master Brewer and Production Manager is John Allen from Roscommon. “John has a very impressive pedigree in brewing in both Australia and Britain” says Managing Director, Quincey Fennelly. According to John “over the last nine years Wicklow Wolf have brewed over 120 speciality craft beers”.

The beverage core range includes pale ales, IPAs, red ale, Stout, lager, a tropical sour and a non-alcoholic hoppy ale. They also have a number of small batch, limited edition releases that they brew under their Endangered Species range, as well as collaborations and a small batch experimental series that champions Wicklow called The Locavore Project.

Wicklow Wolf uses only electricity from 100% renewable sources. Beer is brewed in a custom built, state of the art brewery with a four vessel Braukon Brewhouse which has a heat recovery system saving the same energy every year as 1.7 m cups of tea.

In 2022 they took environmental sustainability one step further by the installation of over 120Kw of solar panels, covering the entire brewery roof. Wicklow Wolf became one of the first solar panel powered craft breweries in Ireland.

Wicklow Wolf are constantly implementing new processes to reduce their Carbon Footprint and continue to improve on their sustainability journey. Spent ingredients (Hops, Yeast, and Grain) go back as feed for a local farm with the remainder sent to Anaerobic Digestion plant to produce green gas.

Since it opened in 2019, the brewery has a state of the art system to reduce water usage across production. To date Wicklow Wolf have also planted over 5,000 native Irish trees. Wicklow Wolf employs almost 30 people and brews over 1.5 m litres of beer pa and aside from a fast growing Irish market their popular craft are exported to Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Italy and Switzerland.

Wicklow Wolf recently installed a 40 tonne, custom painted enclosed V-Mac grain silo to store Planet malting barley and other varieties grown by Cork farmers. This silo was supplied by McAree Engineering Ltd, Ballinode, Co. Monaghan. Every V-Mac silo is custom made and designed to customer specifications. The rolled body construction ensures a smooth inside wall helping excellent product flow, with super-strength and a long life. Over the last 75 years McAree have an excellent reputation for quality, value, and customer service.

Previously barley was supplied in plastic sacks so the new silo will replace seven tonnes of plastic pa from the production cycle as grain was delivered to the brewery in plastic sacks. It will also cut down on delivery of malt to the site. So this will improve environmental sustainability for the future.

A by-product of the brewery is brewer’s grains which is a valuable animal feed and is supplied to a local farmer Pat Cooke who lives nearby at Hilltop farm. Pat uses around10 t a week to feed his valuable suckler herd of pedigree Salers cattle. His large herd of 250 cattle are fed on a diet of barley, brewer’s grains, silage and of course grass during the grazing season.

His hungry cattle just love the smell and taste of the brewer’s grains, wolf it down and indeed they are thriving on this nutritious diet. The Salers breed of cattle originate in the Southern half of the Massif Central in the Auvergne region of South Central France. It has a rough and variable climate, and though higher, 2000-6000 ft., is very similar to the Wicklow hills.

This breed is considered to be one of the oldest and most genetically pure of all European breeds. Salers are generally horned and dark red, with a good hair coat which becomes thick and curly in winter giving hardiness and adaptability to cold and heat. Suckler cow costs are minimised though the breeds stress free calving, longevity, foraging ability, winter hardiness and minimal feet, eye and
udder problems.

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