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McAree Engineering -Vintage Farmall Super A on Stand @ National Ploughing Championship

McAree Engineering will have a vintage Farmall Super A from the late 1940’s which they believe is the only one in Ireland.  It has been restored by Benny McCabe in Monaghan.

McAree will be displaying their full range of V-Mac silos on their stand – with single and split silos along with legged, offset and enclosed options available to check out. This year they will also have one of their feeder wagon storage solutions – their enclosed silo with feeder wagon augur fitted to it. Their very popular tote bins will also be on display.

The feed silos are constructed using Magizinc, a modern steel that provides the extremely high levels of protection against corrosion and with exclusive interlocked forming and are incredibly strong. McAree make their silos different from anyone else as the rolled body construction ensures a
smooth inside wall helping excellent product flow and super-strength construction. Suitable for the agricultural, biomass, waste water treatment and plastics industries – V-Mac silos are available in a range of styles and formats.

In addition McAree will be featuring the award winning SiloSpi feed silo monitoring solution, featuring Lvlogics software and monitoring application. This innovative technology is solar powered, with a lid fitted silo monitor, is easy to install and trouble free. According to Peter Richardson, Sales
& Marketing Manager “it is the easiest and quickest way to accurately monitor the volume and quality of the dairy, pig or poultry ration in your feed silo.

Visitors to stand No. 40 on Block 2 (Row 2) also have the opportunity to win a V-Mac feed barrow valued at €400.McAree technical advisors on the stand will include Fergal Sherry, Noel Kiely, Peter Richardson along with Barry & Eileen Finnegan from Lvlogics Ltd .

McArdee Farmall Tractor

Photo. This historic tractor was restored over the last 10 years by Benny McCabe a local Monaghan man and is powered by tractor vaporising oil [TVO]. The manufacture of the Fordson tractor began in Cork from 1919. Pictured L2R last year on the McAree stand are Peter Richardson, McAree Engineering, Richard Whelan, IHFA, Seamus O’Mahony, Dairygold Coop & Eileen Finnegan, LVlogics Ltd.

F&F finds success with contractors in East Cork, Ireland

F&F finds success with contractors in East Cork, Ireland

Eddie (father) and (son) Gavin Hartnett own a large silage contracting business in Ballynoe, Conna in East Cork. Last year, using a McHale Fusion balewrapper, they wrapped thousands of bales of grass silage for local beef and dairy farmers using the Film & Film system.

However the number of bales made last year by the Hartnett family was down on the previous year as farmers used less fertiliser (due to high prices) so there was less grass available to conserve.

The good news is that new technology is helping to solve some of these problems. The Film & Film system is an innovative dual wrapping method, which combines the use of SilotitePro1800 balewrap and Baletite netwrap replacement film. This results in better shaped, denser and more compact bales which can better withstand handling.

The Hartnett customers have a choice between netwrap and using the new Film & Film system. “Almost 70% of my customers are now using the Film & Film system and will never go back to netwrap. They were delighted with silage quality over recent years” according to Eddie.

The Hartnett’s are using the Baletite mantle film successfully to replace netwrap on the recommendation from McDonnell Bros in Fermoy who also supply the SilotitePro1800 balewrap. According to Eddie “there is a very good tack on this film.”

Gavin says that “using the Film and Film system -the combination of the Baletite and SilotitePro1800 was definitely the right decision. This is the way forward for anyone doing a big volume of bales and has time constraints. Farmers using the Film & Film system are quite happy that it is good value indeed.”

Feeding out silage is quicker, no netwrap gets mixed up in the silage while recycling is easier as there is no netwrap to be kept separate.

Eddie and Gavin know how important silage quality is for milk production and liveweight gain with cattle. They both agree that using Baletite is more user friendly than netwrap, bales hold their shape better, are denser, easier to move and are far less likely to rip during handling.

Silage quality is definitely better says Gavin especially for higher dry matter (DM) grass. “Silage is sweeter and there is no mould so our customers appreciate this and had no problem switching to the Film & Film system. Farmers with bales left over know there is no problem keeping them for much longer in storage.”

You can check out their silage baling operations at

As can be seen from this video clip the Hartnett family who have been making baled silage since 2006 have the best of HP and equipment. Their modern machinery includes four John Deere tractors, two 10 foot John Deere mowers (front & back) two Krone rakes and two Lely tedders.

Eddie and Gavin Hartnett also spread lime for local dairy and beef farmers using two ten tonne Bredal K65 machines. In addition they also provides a hedge cutting service for local farmers and other customers using a TWOSE 520 hedge trimmer.

Irish Farmers Achieve 88% Recycling Rate for Balewrap & Silage Covers – IFFPG NEWS RELEASE

Irish Farmers Achieve 88% Recycling Rate for Balewrap & Silage Covers
Pictured L2R  at UCD Lyons Estate farm with some bales of silage in the background are Sorcha Byrne, Dept. of Environment, Climate and Communications; Wexford office,  Tipperary man, Liam Moloney, CEO, Irish Farm Film Producer Group (IFFPG); Ossian Smyth TD, Minister of State at the Dept. of Environment, Climate and Communications; Tom Dunne, Kilworth, Co. Cork, Chairman of IFFPG; Dr. Kevin McDonnell, Professor, Crop Sc. & Biosystems Engineering, UCD & Newcastle, Co. Kildare; Limerick lady, Geraldine O’Sullivan, Senior Policy Executive, IFA Environment and Farm Forestry Committee.

Irish farmers recycled plastic from the equivalent of 18m silage bales in 2022 and in doing so achieved a remarkable 88% recycling rate. The vast majority of the plastic was collected from farmers at over 200 bring-centres, which the Irish Farm Films Producers’ Group (IFFPG) held throughout the summer at locations such as livestock marts, coops and agri-merchants. As almost half of the plastic collected was processed at domestic recycling facilities, this also represented a boost to the circular economy in Ireland.

A total of 37,000 tonnes of silage wrap and silage pit covers was recycled in 2022, which represented an 88% recycling rate. Recent record levels of recycling, with 40% more used farm films  being recycled now compared to 5 years ago, can be attributed to a growing farm  market (since the abolition of milk quota), as well as ever-increasing numbers of farmers engaging in recycling.

For Irish farmers, farm film recycling has become a mainstream activity, with their local bring-centre considered both the most convenient (average distance of 6 miles for farmers) and cost effective (€35 charge for balewrap  from 250 bales) means of managing their used farm films. These factors, as well as a desire by farmers to be environmentally responsible, have resulted in the recycling rate for farmers being consistently the highest for any plastic waste stream in the country.

Farm plastics recycling in Ireland is coordinated by IFFPG, which is the national farm plastics compliance scheme. IFFPG, which is a not-for-profit body, has recycled over 440,000 tonnes of farm plastics waste since its establishment in 1998. The scheme, which is funded by both the  industry and farmers and approved by the Minister for the Environment, is an excellent example of what can be achieved when all the key stakeholders come together to work for a better environment.

Minister of State, Ossian Smyth, commended the Scheme for hitting an 88% recycling rate in 2022. He said “Since its establishment nearly twenty-five years ago, IFFPG have worked with producers and the farming community across Ireland to create good farm practices around the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics.  Extended producer responsibility schemes, like IFFPG, have a key role to play in Ireland’s transition to a Circular Economy- protecting and restoring our environment through sustainable resource use.”

In 2022, IFFPG supplied almost half of all collected material to Irish facilities for processing into a range of new plastic products, thereby boosting the circular economy in Ireland. In the case of wrap and pit cover waste, both ADN Materials in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan and SIS in Littleton, Co. Tipperary recycle these wastes into pellets which are the building blocks for new products such as refuse sacks, garden furniture and piping. While in the case of fertilizer bag waste, we see an excellent example of the circular economy in operation, with IFF Plastics in west Clare recycling this waste stream into fence posts for sale back to Irish farmers.

Dairymaster Dairy Equipment-A World Market Leader

Dairymaster Dairy Equipment-A World Market Leader

Dairymaster (DM) utilised the last year or so to good effect to completely rebuild their equipment and herd management platforms, and have a new suite of software to bring to the market.

The DM equipment software platform controls the parlour, allows remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for dealer technicians, and also provides the dairy farmer user with a view of everything that is happening in the parlour and collecting yard.DairyVue360 is a complete farm management

platform, recording, analysing and displaying data for both the equipment and the cows. It combines the current milk production data with herd fertility and health and 3rd party data such as milk recording to provide a holistic 360 degree view of the farm operations. It has been developed with a complete re-architecture from the ground up to lay a platform for connecting the entire farm ecosystem into the future.

DairyVue360 takes advantage of the latest protocols to deliver real time connectivity to the milking parlour  – both on farm, remotely and via a mobile. It is designed to interface with existing Dairymaster connected equipment and developments in the future.

Dairymaster will also have the electro-pneumatic controls for the soft swing back gate and bailing at the Ploughing Championships. This provides multiple control points along the pit for the user to operate the milking equipment.

They also launched Draft-Now during the Covid pandemic which is a standalone drafting system. It includes a new software programme and mobile App which has extra functionality and lots of benefits.  It is a system that allows the dairy farmer to easily sort the cows remotely if necessary. It can be installed on farms with or without Dairymaster’s auto ID system and is suitable for other parlour brands that need a reliable drafting system.

You are very welcome to visit their stand no. Stand no.115 Block 2, Row 7.

Dairymaster Dairy Equipment-A World Market Leader

Dairymaster is a family owned business & their objective is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable. The company has carved out a reputation, both nationally and internationally, for providing hi-tech solutions for milk producers and is recognised as one of the world’s most innovative Agri companies.

Dairymaster have won numerous Innovation Awards worldwide including at the three largest agricultural exhibitions in the world. The MooMonitor+ has won awards in Ireland, Britain, Hungary and the USA.

The prestigious Eurotier Gold Medal for innovation was awarded for the Swiftflo Revolver Goat Rotary milking parlour in Germany and the Swiftflo Commander (an IPad for cows) has won three different innovation in Ireland and was shortlisted for the Prince Philip Award at the Livestock Event in Britain.

Dairymaster’s innovative product range encompasses five key areas:

Milking Equipment; Automated Feeding Systems; Manure Scrapers; Cow Health & Fertility Monitors and Milk Cooling Tanks. Technology is a big focus throughout.

It is a standalone drafting system that includes a new software programme and mobile app which has extra functionality and lots of benefits.

It is a system that allows you to easily sort your cows remotely if necessary.

It can be installed on farms with or without Dairymaster’s auto ID system and is suitable with other makes of parlours that want a reliable drafting system.

Check it out on video at

Dairymaster does the opposite to more expected business practices. It researches, develops and manufactures in one rural location in north Kerry where they employ almost 400 people.

This integrated manufacturing model has allowed capability to be built, strengthened team building  and has helped engender a culture where information and ideas are shared and a dogged determination to succeed evident in all areas.

This is one of the many things that makes Dairymaster special.

Dairymaster’s location, customer focus and constant monitoring of product performance in the marketplace, has given the company an up-to-the minute understanding of all aspects of the dairy equipment industry as it evolves.

Dairymaster have customers in more than 40 countries, including Britain, USA, EU, Japan, New Zealand and Russia.

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