Cost Effective Public Relations

Cost Effective Public Relations

General Marketing Assistance

The de Paor Consultancy has been advising on marketing strategy and supplying programme support to leading companies in the agri food-sector and SME’s for over a decade. We have worked with leading dairy processing co-operatives, multinational companies and rural SME’s on a broad range of communication and marketing issues. 

Our knowledge of agri-food business, rural organisations and tourism, including our awareness of the challenges facing producers and processors as a result of EU /WTO reforms, adds value to our client service and gives them a competitive advantage with their communications. One unique service we provide is a mini marketing audit where we look at your expenditure on advertising, events, literature, sponsorship etc. We then make some cost effective recommendations which can improve performance and reduce wasteful expenditure. 

Can you afford to waste up to 50% of your marketing budget and not do something about it? We will be happy to talk to without obligation so please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Media Relations

Over the last decade the de Paor Consultancy has used its extensive media experience to help a wide range of clients communicate their message to the relevant media. Whether it is a new product/ service launch or a sensitive subject, our range of contacts and experience within the media will help you achieve positive coverage or minimise the danger of negative publicity.

Media contacts are as essential to our day to day business as our clients objectives and media personnel have varied interests, motivations and requirements. Knowing how to build relationships on behalf of our valued clients is essential and we pride ourselves on our range of personal contacts. Whatever the situation, we will use our extensive media experience and wide range of contacts to help you and your colleagues to meet specific communication needs.

Media Training

We can also facilitate media training in house or at a location near your office to help you deliver the right message at the opportune time to key journalists, politicians and other VIP’s.

Press, radio and TV media interviews provide opportunities to share good news, resolve issues and put your perspective on the record with influential media personnel.

New Media

The growth of internet communications in recent years has opened new channels for Public Relations. Digital PR is now an essential component for interaction and genuine engagement with target audiences. We recognise the importance of New Media for many of our clients and we can provide creative online communication programmes to optimise the overall impact and success of a campaign. The convergence of media and technology, combined with the fragmentation of the media, is impacting on marketing activities and consumers in unprecedented ways. Now consumers can and do interact with marketing messages, reshape and distribute those messages through global communities.

Companies and organisations now have new opportunities to directly reach, connect with and influence clients and consumers. In the past they could not listen to customers in real-time, or predict what they were going to do or say. But now, they can—and they do. The marketing message is now only one input to a conversation that consumers conduct 24/7 on digital forums, on blogs, in professional/social networks (Linkedin, Facebook etc), through YouTube, via mobile phones, and elsewhere. This makes traditional strategies, channels, relationships and metrics less useful, and in some cases irrelevant. So is it time to upgrade your communications strategy?

New opportunities

When consumers use digital media to search, shop, blog, socialize, or seek entertainment, this create opportunities to have real-time conversations.

For example companies and organisations can collect ideas on how to improve their products/services, and change their marketing messages and media mix instantaneously, depending on what is working right now.

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