Photography Assignments

Photography Assignments

Information for Employers

We have expertise in the areas of agribusiness, environment, food sector, forestry & rural development. De Paor Recruitment specialises in the selection of management, marketing, sales, technical and other senior personnel.

Clients are assured of a personal, cost effective & confidential service using a combination of cost-effective advertising, database screening and discreet contact with potential candidates in the chosen sector.

We have good contacts with Universities & Institutes of Technology and other training/educational institutions in Britain & Ireland and therefore have access to quality graduates and qualified personnel.

We also have almost 15,000 connections on Linkedin so we are in an excellent position to search out suitable candidates for our clients from around the English speaking world in particular.

We can also assist clients with positive recruitment PR, advise on contracts, remuneration packages and help with personnel training. With our Agri background & Rural base we are closer to the action than urban based recruitment consultants for whom  agribusiness is relatively unimportant.

By availing of our services you can minimise the involvement of your own busy personnel in a time consuming and sometimes contentious area. We also check references, arrange psychometric testing and can assist with staff appraisals. So the next time you have a vacancy please keep us in mind.


Throughout the entire process we never divulge details about clients or candidates unless an agreement has been reached with both parties to communicate such information from one to the other or to any third party.

Methods of Recruitment

In arriving at a shortlist suited to your needs we use the following methods:

Additional Services

In response to clients’ requests we can arrange additional services including:

Terms of Business

Fees are based on the first year’s projected earnings with a discount for volume and repeat business. Fees become due and payable 14 days from date of invoice. Full details on our terms will be emailed or posted to you on request.

Guarantee Period

We will make every effort to provide a suitable replacement for any candidate introduced by us who leaves (or is required to leave) your employment within three months without charging a fee provided payment has been made within the specified period. This guarantee assumes that no redundancy or material changes to the job role or content has taken place.

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