We specialise in the selection of management, marketing, quality assurance, sales, technical, and senior personnel for Agribusiness, the environment, food sector, forestry & in rural Ireland.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the business and to date we have done successful recruitment  for over 60 leading Agribusiness clients, breed societies & firms in the Agribusiness sector and with the food industry. Clients we have done recruitment and/or training work to date include the following companies, coops and societies

Careers Advice

The Agri-food sector is doing well and long term prospects are good as a growing world population needs more food.

By 2050 the food production will have to increase by 50% to feed the growing world population and to improve the health of the undernourished people in the third world.

As the standard of living improves families in Africa, Asia and the Middle East can afford to consume more dairy products and eat more of our grass fed meat.

According to a recent Bord BIA report the Republic of Ireland exported almost €37m of food and drink every day last year to over 180 countries.

Food producers need more advice, equipment, farm inputs and services to farm in an economically sustainable & environmentally friendly manner.

Ag graduates with commercial experience, in particular, will always be in demand and many graduates now work in a wide variety of non-traditional careers.

Advice On Your CV

LinkedIn is great for business connections and recruitment so make sure you have an up to date profile. Optimise the number of connections & get recommendations from your peers. It is also important to be au fait with Social media.

No employer wants to read a long winded CV. Two to three pages is plenty, include a mission statement, list your skills set and use hyperlinks to save space and connect the reader to your educational achievements and employer websites.

Have someone else with good English check your CV for spelling & typing errors. Try not to use the i word too often as it irritates people.

Advice On Interviews

Your objective is to get another interview or a job offer. The interview gives you the opportunity to market yourself and convince the potential employer of your suitability for this or some other position which may become available later. It is impossible to know what questions you will be asked at interview as each interview and interviewer will be different.

However employers will be seeking evidence that you can do the job at hand. Employers outline their needs with a job specification. The job specification is the “customer” telling you what they want from potential employees. It sounds obvious but unfortunately most jobseekers ignore the job specification.

Know your strengths and weaknesses and your CV including dates, work history, hobbies and education. Identify key achievement and quantifiable examples to compliment your duties and responsibilities. Identify your USP and what makes you different from your competitors.

Employment Opportunities

These include Agri Consultancy in Britain, Ireland & International, Agri Media, Agri Merchants, Agrochemicals, Animal Nutrition, Animal Health, Auctioneers & Valuers, Cooperatives, Farm & Youth Organisations, Food Processing, Forestry, Genetics, Environment & Education, Farm Machinery, Financial Institutions, IT, Marketing, Meat Industry, Public Sector, Purchasing (Inputs, livestock etc) Renewable Energy, Research & Development, Technical Support, Sales (agri inputs) etc

Information For Employers

We have expertise in the areas of agribusiness, the environment, food sector, forestry & rural development. De Paor Recruitment specialises in the selection of management, marketing, sales, technical and other senior personnel.We can also advise you on remuneration packages, pyschometric tests and on employment contracts 

Serious Skills’ Shortage in World Agri industry

For example, in Britain, the major employment opportunities within agriculture are not just in farm management. 

Other opportunities exist with commercial ancillary companies both in Britain and in Australia, Canada, EU, New Zealand, USA etc 

Typical employers include British Sugar, Frontier Agriculture, Soil Association, National Farmers Union, HGCA, Velcourt Farms, Co-operative Group, Grant Thornton and HSBC Bank.

Harper Adams University is able to celebrate a consistently high graduate employment rate – averaging 97.8% over the last three years and >97.2% of their graduates are employed within six months. Graduates have a choice of commercial and technical roles on progressive farms, or in the large number of global and regional companies involved with crops, livestock, machinery and food, to name a few.
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