Trade and Professional Associations

Trade & Professional Associations

Commercial Publications

Writing, printing, packaging and the distribution of brochures, handouts, Newsletters, posters etc by post or at meetings, shows etc are expensive and time consuming. If you are not getting a good response for your efforts perhaps you should consider the following points.

Are your copywriting skills as good as they need to be for the audience you wish to impress? After all you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression with your valued clients.

Does the design, layout and quality of your literature convey a positive image of your company, organisation, personnel, products etc? For example there is a fine line between the perception of poor quality, low price and good value.

Advertising, Copy & Design

Are you wasting money and possibly irritating existing and potential customers by the font size, excessive text, clichés, crowded pictures and the format used in your literature?

Most people in your target market have access to email, mobile phones and websites so make more use of this digital media to complement your printed (technical and sales) literature?

Are your adverts, posters and signage delivering exceptional value for money in these challenging times? Perhaps its time to have an independent audit done on your marketing expenditure?

So have a look at some samples of brochures, Newsletters and posters we have done for clients. We will be pleased to talk to you without obligation and advise you how we may be of assistance.

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